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Scots Sports

Special Announcements:

Your Attention Please:

Rules For Spectators at Scots Home Games

At Palermini Stadium:

Due To Available Venue Space

Spectators Will Be Welcomed

From The Visiting and Home Teams Only.

All Spectators will be required to show current physical ID card to be admitted to the game.

Thank You For Your Assistance !!!

Special Student Announcement:

Starting this week: Sept 27, 2021

The ONLY students allowed entry to David Douglas football games are

David Douglas Students and the opposing team students.

Each student must have a physical ID card. Student VUE on your phone will no longer be accepted.

No Middle School students will be allowed in without a parent or guardian,

WHO MUST Remain with them the entire game.

If you still do not have a physical ID card you can see Mrs. Matthews in the Athletic office.

PURCHASE your ASB sticker for $15.00 at the bookkeeper.

This will save you lots of money if you attend more than 4 ticketed events.


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