Letter to DDHS Seniors

School Information

Dear David Douglas Seniors,

The purpose of this communication is to let you know our plan forward for you with regards to graduation. For your class (2020) the number of credits needed to graduate will move to 24 credits. The 2.0 GPA requirement will be eliminated and the essential skills requirement will be waived. For this semester grades will be Pass (D or above)/No Pass (below a D) for each course you are enrolled in. Beginning tomorrow (4/10) and ending next Friday (4/17) we are allowing your teachers to post final grades for you. Once final grades are posted we will analyze your transcripts to see whether or not you are eligible to graduate. This should be done early next week. Your wonderful counselor will then reach out to you personally with your status (have you graduated or not yet) and what the next steps are.

Words cannot express how terrible I feel about how this year is finishing for you. Losing Prom, Activities, and Athletics were huge blows, but nothing compares to the loss of your graduation ceremony. Your class has been such a wonderful part of our school for the past four years, I can’t tell you how much I was looking forward to sharing that night with you. But the world sent us a different set of circumstances to deal with I guess. Rest assured we will continue to look for ways to honor and celebrate your accomplishments.

Take care and be well,

Mr. Bier

P.S. If you are enrolled in a course in which you can receive college credit please reach out to your teacher for assistance.