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DDHS Families – Thank you for sharing your voice through our YouthTruth surveys!

Last November and December, we launched our fourth annual YouthTruth survey in partnership with YouthTruth, a national nonprofit that helps districts improve their school climate and culture. 

We heard from you, our students and families, about how we’re doing and how we can improve. YouthTruth has completed the analysis of our survey results and we are reviewing the findings and beginning to plan our next steps. 

While we will explore the findings more over the next several months and strategically use the feedback to inform next year’s planning, I wanted to sincerely thank you for your participation and to let you know what we are currently doing and planning to do with your feedback. 

We gathered anonymous feedback from nearly 2,200 members of our community, including 275 family members and 1,963 students.

Please view our YouthTruth Highlights to see a sampling of what we learned from the survey this year.

From Students, We Learned:

In general, we learned from students that most students agree or strongly agree that the work they do for their classes makes them really think.  This is great news. 

But we also learned that there are significant improvements that we can make to better support and inspire you.  Many students expressed the need to connect school day learning to the essential skills that apply to your life.

From Families, We Learned:

Based on family members’ feedback, we learned that our staff does a great job of interacting and collaborating with families regarding their concerns and student’s progress.

According to many of our families, we have room for improvement in engaging families to be active members of the school community.

Your voice matters. Please continue to share your insight with us.  

Together, we are ensuring that all students at David Douglas High School are inspired and challenged to learn, grow and thrive to their fullest potential. I truly believe that our ability to be effective is only as great as our ability to give and receive feedback. Thank you for engaging in this feedback process with us. 

We will continue to listen and learn, and we look forward to doing this again next year.


Greg Carradine
David Douglas High School