New Students

New Student Enrollment for 2021-22:

New student enrollment is available at the district registration page.

The counseling office will receive your online enrollment and contact you to schedule a phone or video appointment with your counselor. Online forecasting is not open to students enrolling for 2021-22.

The counseling office is closed for summer and will return the last week of August. Feel free to enroll online and/or send an email and we will contact you when we are back in the office.

New Student Resources:

Choosing classes….

Chromebook laptop and Textbooks….

  • If you are in need of a Chromebook, you are welcome to pick one up in the North Main Office (1001 SE 135th Ave) Monday-Friday, 8:00 am-3:00 pm.  You can also pick up any text books and classroom supplies here.

Online Access…

  1. You will need to access your school email account:
    Log into your school gmail account here.  
  • Login:  Your 6-digit David Douglas ID Number
  • Password: 8-digit birthdate  (MMDDYYYY)
  1. You will access your classes through Google Classroom. 
    You can learn more about Google Classroom here.  
    – Each teacher will be sending you an invite to their Classroom to get started (through your school email). You will also receive an invite from your counselor to a classroom for your graduating class.
    – If you don’t have access to all 6 google classrooms (4 classes, advisory, and your graduating class), let your counselor know!
  1. You should have received information about logging in to your StudentVUE account.
    This is where you will be able to see your schedule, access your grades and assignments, and email your teachers.  To request access to StudentVUE or learn more, click here.
  2. Technology Support (if you need help accessing school online):
    Find technology support on our district website here
  3. Student Council will be doing weekly announcements on the official DDHS instagram: @officialddhs

To-Go Meals Information…

Class Schedule

Q1 – September 14 – November 13
Q2 – November 16 – January 29
Q3 – February 1 – April 16
Q4 – April 19 – June 18

Ms. V’Marie created this video to help you understand how to find your GOOGLE classroom! ———-> Google Class Tutorial Click Here!

Distance Learning Expectations:

  1. Take responsibility for your education
  2. Be respectful of both your teacher and your classmates
  3. Be on time and attend every class…attendance will be taken
    1. Your video will need to be on and logged in via StudentVue name
    2. Your microphone will need to be muted unless you are speaking
  4. Other electronic devices should be off and away during class time
  5. Wear school appropriate attire
  6. Choose a good location…in a quiet/low traffic area
  7. Stay focused with your attention on the lesson being presented
  8. Be an active participant, don’t be afraid to ask questions and be brief and concise with responses
  9. Stay up-to-date with your assignments/work and check your school email and Google Classroom for communication regularly
  10. Be confidential…protect personal information, both yours and others

 Graduation Requirements

1 year = 1 credit

24 credits are required to Graduate for class

•    4 credits of English

•    3 credits of Math (Integrated Math 1 and higher)
•    3 credits of Social Studies
•    3 credits of Science
•    2 credits of Fine Arts
•    1 credit of Physical Education
•    1 credit of Career
•    1 credit of Health
•    6 credits of Electives

*If you do not pass a class, you can make it up in your schedule the next year, Credit Recovery or Summer School.
*Reading, Writing, and Math State Assessments must be passed to graduate – This requirement is waived for the class of 2021 due to the Covid-19 pandemic

Career credit can be earned through passing Digital Literacy, Career and Financial Planning, and/or select CTE courses.

Career Technical Education courses that can qualify for Career credit:

Automotives 2 (2nd semester)

Entrepreneurship 1

Construction 2 (2nd semester)

Early Childhood Education (2nd semester)

Architectural Design (2nd semester)

Health Sciences 1 (2nd semester)

Culinary Arts 1 (2nd semester)

Metals 1 (2nd semester)

Natural Resources 2 (1st semester)

Fall 2020 Update

Rather than using our traditional two semester schedule, we will transition to a four quarter system for this school year due to the COVID 19 pandemic. Note that this is a four period schedule and that all students will be attending live instruction classes four days a week for 50 minute class periods.  Another important aspect to understand about our schedule is that students will be attending only four classes per quarter, and will earn .5 credit per class per quarter. This schedule will allow us to focus our learning on the specific required courses which we feel is most important at this time. Students have the same credit earning potential as with our traditional semester system.

Q1 – September 14 – November 13

Q2 – November 16 – January 29

Q3 – February 1 – April 16

Q4 – April 19 – June 18

Students will be expected to attend each class each day where attendance will be taken. If a student is absent from a class it is their responsibility to reach out to their instructor to get the necessary makeup work. Traditional grading A through F will apply.