DDHS Counseling Department

Welcome to the David Douglas High School Counseling Office!


As an integral part of the education program, David Douglas High School Counselors work to empower all students through academic, career, social emotional and community engagement opportunities.  Counselors partner with families, staff and communities to ensure that all students can learn, grow and thrive.

As licensed counselors, we provide counseling services that are based on the American School Counselor Association (ASCA) model (www.schoolcounselor.org).  As a reminder we meet with students for a variety of reasons including anxiety, depression, frustrations with friends, family challenges, academic support, career exploration, college support, class planning, graduation requirements, family resources (including housing, food, and clothing) and more.

Not sure where to go with your question?  Email your counselor!

Counselors are divided by student’s last name:

Zachary Pace

Zachary Pace
Student Last Name: A – Ca
Google Voice: (601) 274-3743
Office: (503) 261-8349


Sarah Hunt

Sarah Hunt
Student Last Name: Cb – F
Google Voice: (419) 318-9347
Office: (503) 261-8319


Grace Carter

Grace Carter
Student Last Name: G – Kd
Google Voice: (401) 249-0588
Office: (503) 261-8259


Sabrina Sommer

Sabrina Sommer
Habla Español

Student Last Name: Ke – Mohaml
Google Voice: (501) 232-7325
Office: (503) 261-8351


Kagan Young

Kagan Young
Habla Español
Student Last Name: Mohamm – P
Google Voice: (503) 660-8359
Office (503) 261-8370


Candace Ruscitti

Candace Ruscitti
Student Last Name: Q – Th
Google Voice: (601) 272-8633
Office: (503) 261-8321


Shawna Myers

Shawna Myers
Department Chair

Student Last Name: Ti – Z
Google Voice: (601) 283-2267
Office: (503) 261-8320


Caty Buckley

Caty Buckley
School Social Worker

Google Voice: (724) 497-2332
Office: (503) 262-4474


Jo Sinclair


Jo Sinclair
Counseling Secretary



Naomi Schneider


Naomi Schneider
Counseling Secretary



We have 3 mental health therapists from Trillium Family Services who work with DDHS students. Students interested in working with them should contact their school counselor for a referral. Learn more about our Trillium counselors in this PDF

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