Attendance Policy

David Douglas High School Attendance Guidelines

Good attendance is essential to providing the greatest opportunity for students to learn and develop habits that result in responsible behavior.

In accordance with Oregon School Law (ORS.339.065), the school must determine whether an absence may be excused or prearranged. A note or phone call from a parent/guardian does not necessarily constitute an excused absence. A student who is absent from any class without permission will be subject to disciplinary action.

Students may be excused two ways:

1)   Parents/Guardians may phone in excuses for students when they are absent.  This can be done 24 hours a day by calling either the night prior to the absence, the day of, or the day the student returns to school no later than 3:00 pm.

Messages to the Attendance Office must contain the following information:

  •      Student’s first and last name
  •      Student ID number
  •      Date(s) of absence
  •      Reason for absence
  •      Name of parent/guardian calling
  •      Phone number where caller can be reached


2)   Excuse notes may also be written by a parent or guardian and must be turned in to the Attendance Office no later than 3:00 pm the day the student returns to school.

If a student is not excused by a parent/guardian by 3:00 pm the day they return to school with either a phone call or a note, the absence will remain unexcused. Consequences for unexcused absences will be given to the student upon returning to school. Consequences may include:

  •      Lunch Detention
  •      Scot’s Center – Academic Study Hall
  •      After School Student Assist (if lunch detention is not served by due date)
  •    In-School Suspension (full day if After School Student Assist is not served by due date)
  •      Parent/Guardian Conference
  •      Administrative Action

Examples of unexcused absences are:

  •      Babysitting
  •      Home Duties
  •      Sleeping in
  •      Car problems
  •      Missing the bus
  •      Alarm clock malfunctions
  •      Arriving to class more than 5 minutes after the bell

Tardies are recorded by the teacher and are considered an unexcused absence when the student arrives more than 5 minutes after the bell.

Approved school activities are not counted as absences and do not affect the student attendance record.

Checking out when leaving campus:

David Douglas High School is a closed campus. Students are not allowed to leave the school grounds without the Attendance Office first receiving verbal or written authorization from a parent/guardian. When authorization is received the student receives a “check out pass” and may sign out in the Attendance Office or South Office. Students must:

  •      Bring a note with a parent/guardian signature explaining the absence or have a parent call the Attendance Office with permission to leave.
  •      If a student is leaving sick, the nurse or Attendance Office will call home.
  •      Obtain a “check out form” and sign out in Attendance or South Office before leaving school.
  •      Obtain appropriate signature on form and return to the Attendance Office.

Failure to follow these procedures constitutes a closed campus violation and may result in disciplinary consequences.

Prearranged Absences

A Prearranged Absence Form is required for students who will be absent for any reason other than illness, medical/legal appointment, a death or serious family illness.

The Prearranged Form requires students to receive permission from their teachers granting them leave based on the student’s class progress and previous attendance record. A student not prearranging an absence 5 days in advance or not receiving approval will be unexcused. Examples of absences that must be prearranged are: Family trips, hunting trips, vacations, weddings, family reunions, job interviews, driving tests, and religious events.

Procedure For Prearranging An Absence

  •      Students must either bring a note or have a parent/guardian call the Attendance Office 5 days in advance      (503)  261-8353 to request a Prearranged Form.
  •      Obtain signatures and class assignments from all teachers. Teachers will also indicate the impact the absence will have on the student’s grade.
  •      Return form to the Attendance Office prior to requested absence.


Please note that ANY absence lasting more than 10 consecutive days, Oregon State Law (OAR 581.023.0006(11) requires the district to withdraw the student from school.  


**For complete information detailing all attendance guidelines and procedure’s, refer to the David Douglas High School 2018-2019 Student Planner/Handbook*


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