2021-22 Back to School Information

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How to Enroll

To enroll a new student please visit the DDSD Registration webpage and follow the steps there.

Back To School Night

September 27, 2021

Parents & Families,

We would like to welcome you back for the 2021-22 school year!

We were not able to host a typical Back to School Night on campus this year due to COVID, but on our Back to School website, you will find our educators, listed alphabetically by last name under each department. 

Each teacher has their courses listed with direct links to their course outline — which will also include grading and homework policies.

Please reach out to teachers directly if you have any questions.

CLASS OF 2022 SENIORS & Parents

FAFSA/ORSAA* Workshop Night –


DDHS Career Center is hosting a 

FAFSA/ORSAA* Workshop Night

Thursday Oct 14th 6-8PM

to help you complete the application! 

All seniors (and parents!) are encouraged to attend

*ORSAA-for students who have DACA/undocumented

Before the workshop:
Create a *Student* FSA ID/ORSAA Account 
*use personal/professional email*
Create a (1) Parent FSA ID/ORSAA Account
Bring to the workshop: 2020 Tax Returns (if available) 

Questions? Need Help? Not able to attend the event?

No worries, connect with us 
DDHS Career Center RM120 (North) or on our DDHS CAREER CENTER WEBSITE 
to schedule a 1-1 appointment! 

We are happy to walk you through the application process step by step.

Parent Night: Welcome Back to School

Join us online for a parent night at 6 p.m. on Wednesday, September 8th.

The evening will focus on Essentials to High School Success: Understanding Graduation Requirements.

FAQ’s from the Online Parent Meeting September 8th, 2021

Family Essential for Success: Questions & Answers

Q: We received a Covid case email sent out to parents today. What are the best steps to take after this?

A: Please be sure to read emails fully. We will receive guidance from MESD (usually within 24 hours) and pass that along to families. If your child was directly involved with the exposure cohort you will receive a separate email with specific instructions as to what your student will need to do.  A follow-up phone call will also be done by the school.  

Q: Can we get a copy of the presentation? 

A: Yes – the presentation will be posted on both the David Douglas School District and David Douglas High School’s website.

Q: Is there a Covid testing site on campus available for students who might have been exposed?

A: Yes.  We have the capacity to test any student who has signed permission.  The link below will send you to that document.  Students who are 15 years and older can give their own consent.

Q: My daughter jr and if she passes all classes this year only needs core classes next how would that work?

A: Senior students who have passed all classes in their Junior year will need to take English 4, Economics and Government.  There may be other classes that need to be repeated for credit.  Each student’s progress is evaluated during the course selection process in the spring.  Seniors on track to graduate will have the opportunity to explore additional electives or request early release / late arrival.

Q:  Hello. Regarding the graduation requirements for my 2024 graduate, how does that affect him when taking classes like Math, English and Writing. If he fails any of these classes he still graduates? A: The requirements for Math and English (Writing is considered part of English) remain the same.  Students will be required to pass 3 credits of math and 4 credits of English in order to graduate.  If students do NOT have these credits fulfilled they will NOT graduate.  If a student fails any of these classes they can retake the class or take Credit Retrieval or Summer School to make up those credits.  Students/parents should contact their counselor for more information about Credit Retrieval or Summer School.  In four years at DDHS, students will have the opportunity to earn those 24 credits with a total of 32 courses.  That leaves 8 slots for student enrichment or to catch-up.


DDHS Covid Testing Consent Form

Please read, sign and return to school.
Many Thanks.

2021-22 Calendar

View a copy of the DDHS school year calendar on the District’s Grade Level Calendars page.

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School Schedule

A/B Day Schedule

We will begin our A/B schedule with periods 1,2,3,4 on an “A” day and periods 5,6,7,8 on a “B” day.


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