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A letter to the DDHS Community

July 30th, 2020

We have recently become aware of an Instagram page devoted to people anonymously sharing their traumatic experiences with sexual assault and/or harassment by other students while enrolled at David Douglas High School. Further research has shown us that this site also includes multiple posts from many other East County Schools.

We find it troubling that so many posts described events that have taken place outside of our campus and that we are just now finding out about them. We have worked extremely hard at putting systems and programs in place designed to reduce the occurrence of harassment and assault while also encouraging victims to come forward. It appears we have a great deal more work to do.

Please know that we take any report of harassment or assault seriously. If a student reports any event like this it triggers an immediate, thorough investigation. This investigation includes interviewing all parties involved and notifying parents/guardians. Typical results range from school discipline to criminal prosecution. The results of these investigations cannot be shared. Many times this makes it seem like nothing was done. It seems apparent that we may need to find a better way to illustrate closure.

So what will we do moving forward? For students who are reporting events that have occurred off campus we are posting resources and encouraging them to notify authorities. Whenever possible we will help facilitate this process. We will continue to explore ways to put more emphasis on curriculum designed to prevent occurrences, but also to encourage victims to come forward. This may include more rigorous advisory lessons and also exploring ways to follow up on lessons regarding sexual assault taught in Freshmen health classes. A small committee will meet beginning next week to discuss other possibilities. Regarding events that may not have been appropriately dealt with by us. We must do better. It is extremely important that we do the best we can to completely follow up with any complaint that comes our way. It is also important for us to reiterate that we cannot divulge the results of any investigation we do conduct.

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April 7, 2020

Dear David Douglas High School Families,

First let me say, on behalf of our entire staff, we miss having the energy and enthusiasm of students in our buildings! We all hope that you and your family are weathering this powerful storm safely. We are staying strong as a staff and hope your family is remaining resilient as well.

As many of you know the Governor and the Oregon Department of Education recently came out with a directive for schools to begin distance learning. This communication is intended to clarify how David Douglas High School will deliver this Distance Learning for All program.

Beginning Monday, April 13th, students will be connecting with their teachers for the first time virtually. Below is a table illustrating the schedule we intend to follow:

Schedule Beginning Monday, April 13th

  9:00-9:30am 9:35-10:05am 20 minute Break 10:25-10:55am 11:00-11:30am
Monday (A-day) 1 2   3 4
Tuesday (B-day) 5 6   7 8
Wednesday (A-day) 1 2   3 4
Thursday (B-day) 5 6   7 8
Friday Advisory 9 Advisory 10   Advisory 11 Advisory 12

Notice that we are retaining the A/B schedule we normally have. During each class period students will be in contact with their teacher. It is important to note that many teachers will send lessons to students prior to “class.” These lessons will include assignments that will be graded. Class time may be used for discussions or questions.

Another requirement of the Distance Learning for All mandate is that teachers are to be available one hour each day for “office hours.” During this time period students will be able to have their questions answered or receive tutoring. Below is the Office Hours schedule we will follow: 

High School Teacher Office Hours Schedule

  12:00-1:00 1:00-2:00 2:00-3:00
Monday SS/Lang Arts Math/Health~PE Sci/Electives
Tuesday SS/Lang Arts Math/Health~PE Sci/Electives
Wednesday SS/Lang Arts Math/Health~PE Sci/Electives
Thursday SS/Lang Arts Math/Health~PE Sci/Electives
Friday SS/Lang Arts Math/Health~PE Sci/Electives

Students will be able to access a given teacher during the allotted times above.

We are aware that some families may not have the technology required for online learning. There are two solutions to this issue:

1. We will have printed packets available for families to pick up every Monday, beginning April 13, between 9am – 11am in the North building main office; or 

2. We will check out Chromebooks to students on Monday, April 13th, between 9am – 11am along the breezeway. You can enter the breezeway by the PAC off of SE 130th.

We realize distance learning is not the same quality as the traditional educational setting. During this critical time it is the best we can offer. It is important for you to know that we are learning this process as well. We will make mistakes. We will be trying new things and adjusting as necessary. In the end, though, please know we will do the best we can to continue to deliver a first rate education to your students.

Please look for further communication via email or on our High School website,

John Bier
David Douglas High School

More translations of this letter to come:

Letter Spanish Translation

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