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John Bier, Principal

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A message from John Bier, Principal:

Hello Scotsmen family and friends,

As many of you know we have been dealing with a threat of violence against our school community.  I want to take this opportunity to address this situation.

The first threat we received was written on some play equipment at a local park.  This was shared with Portland Police who investigated it and deemed it not credible.  This past Friday another threat was found written on the same playground equipment. An image of this was shared with Portland Police who again deemed it not credible.  Both threat images were spread throughout social media and was picked up by a local news station as well.

This weekend a video was sent of a gun display on snap chat.  It has been determined that the video was not connected with our threat situation in any way.  In fact, we believe the video was made in Washington.

Please know that we take all threats seriously and work closely with Portland Police to thoroughly investigate them.  At this point it appears that we have another case of false information being sent.

On behalf of our school, I want to say how sorry I am that we have to continue to deal with situations such as this.  My hope is that at some point people who feel the need to do this sort of thing will realize the impact it has on the whole community.  Please know that we will continue to work hard to make David Douglas High School a safe place for all students.

Thank you,

Principal John Bier

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John Bier

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Rolando Florez

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School Calendar

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  • 18 Sep

    Drivers Ed Lottery Sign Up Both Lunches

  • 20 Sep

    Half Grad Ceremony- 2:00PM

    Palermini Stadium, 1709 SE 135th Ave, Portland, OR 97233, USA

  • 20 Sep

    3:15PM Deadline to turn in Drivers Ed signed paperwork!

  • 23 Sep

    Homecoming Week 9/22 - 9/27

District Calendar

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  • 27 Sep

    Grades K-5 - No School

  • 10 Oct

    Grades 6-8 - Early Release; Fir Ridge Campus - No School

  • 10 Oct

    Board Meeting

    7:00 pm - 8:00 pm
    Board Room at DDHS South Building (1500 SE 130th)

  • 11 Oct

    No School