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HS Curriculum Guide 2014-15

This Curriculum Guide is designed to aid in making a wise selection of courses from the offerings at David Douglas High School.

Google Apps for Students

You do not need to be at school to access your school Google Apps account.

Your Google Apps Education Account will give you access to email, docs, websites, and an online calendar.

  • The email account may only be used for communication between yourself and staff in the David Douglas School District.

  • Your docs will allow you to create spreadsheets, slideshow presentations, drawings, and documents. These docs can all be shared with students so you may work together on the same project. Docs may also be shared with teachers as a way of turning in assignments.

  • Websites you create may only be viewed by students and faculty in the David Douglas School District if you decide to share it.

  • The online calendar may be synced with your phone and notify you via text message of upcoming due dates for class projects, tests, or other items you put in your calendar.

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