Attendance Guidelines

David Douglas High School
Attendance Guidelines
At David Douglas High School (DDHS) we are committed to providing students with a solid academic education. Part of this process involves students in developing skills to become successful with their endeavors during high school and after graduation. Consistent attendance is a key indicator of a student’s academic success.

Oregon State Law authorizes certain absences from school. These include: personal illness, family illness requiring student’s presence, religious holidays, death in the family, and absences prearranged with staff approval. Unexcused absences include: sleeping in, babysitting, missing the bus and car problems. DDHS is a closed campus, so students are required to check out at the North, South or nurse’s office prior to leaving school grounds.

Students may be excused two ways—

1. Parents/Guardians can phone in excuses for students who are absent. They can call 24 hours per day, either the night before the absence, the day of the absence, or the day the student returns to school no later than 3:00PM. Messages to the Attendance Office must contain the following information:

-Student’s first and last name
-Student’s ID number
-Date(s) of absence
-Name of parent/guardian
-Phone number to reach parent/guardian
-Reason for student absence

Call this number to report when your son/daughter is absent: 503-261-8353

2. Excuse notes may also be written, but must be presented by no later than 3PM on the day the student returns to school. From 7:40-8:20AM or Late Arrival 9:15-9:45AM, these notes must be taken to the North Concession Stand in the North Building (near the main gym). During the rest of the school day, students can take their notes to the Attendance Office in the North Building or the Main Office in the South Building.

If a student is not excused by 3:00PM on the day they return to school, their absence will remain UNEXCUSED.

3. Unexcused absences result in consequences for the student immediately upon returning to school. Consequences include one of the following:

-After School or Lunch Detention
-Academic Study Hall in Scots Center
-In-School Suspension (1/2 day if detention is not served by due date)
-Parent/Guardian Conference