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Hello Scotsmen family and friends,

It has been a great school year so far!  Believe it or not, we are rolling through second semester.   We would like to continue to encourage our students to strive for greatness and continue providing the additional support outside/inside the home our students need to be successful. It has been going great so far!  Always great to be a Scotsman!

Best Wishes, Principal John Bier

Summer School & other opportunities

@ David Douglas High School

It’s time to sign up for summer school! We are offering both credit retrieval and enrichment opportunities this summer.  See  your counselor for details.
New classes for original credit include:
Animal Behavior
Summer PE
Introduction to Water Color
Necklace Making
Ceramics:  Raku
Sign Ups are as follows:
Juniors & Seniors
     April 18th – 22nd
     April 25th – 29th
Freshmen & All Students
     May 2nd >>>>>>>>>

 Summer School Regist Form 2016


Raspberry Pi Flyer and Registration Recording Workshop Flyer and Registration Science of Chocolate Flyer & Registration Summer 2016 STEM Registration

Office Contacts

1001 SE 135th Ave

Portland, Oregon 97233

Google Map Directions

North 503-261-8399
South 503-261-8305


John Bier

Cyndi Huisman

Assistant Principal (In charge of senior students)
Rolando Florez

Erin Novak

Assistant Principal
Mark Haner

Assistant Principal
Joe Talley

Assistant Principal
Sharon Webster

Assistant Principal
Linda Vancil

Colleen Teague