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Hello Scotsmen family and friends,

Welcome back students! As we nearing the end of the semester, we are seeing such amazing things happening with our student body.  Our boy’s basketball team is having a tremendous season along with our wrestling team.  Congrats to our Varsity Cheerleading team for taking 1st place in State this past weekend!  Also continuing the celebration, our JV Cheerleading Squad also place 1st is OCCA Cheer Championship!  Let’s encourage all of our students to continue to do their best and finish this year off strong.  Let’s get em Scots!

Best Wishes, Principal John Bier


Our annual “Pack the Place” boys basketball game will be next Friday at 7:30pm in the north gym of the high school.  YOUR  #4 ranked David Douglas Boys Basketball team will be playing the Centennial Eagles.  Come support YOUR team:

Stanford Toloke  Ron Russell
Jacob Bostiog  Gilbert Heights, Alice Ott
John Morris  Floyd Light
Toni Hrvic  Menlo Park, Floyd Light
Andrew Alvarez  Gilbert Heights, Alice Ott
Hunter Davis  Lincoln Park, Floyd Light
Lamariea Taylor  Mill Park, Floyd Light
Charles Jones  Lincoln Park, Ron Russell
Dwight Dew Gilbert Park, Alice Ott
Sham Nair  Gilbert Heights, Alice Ott
Ahmed Ali  Floyd Light
Elijah Bryant  Cherry Park, Floyd Light
YOUR girls varsity basketball team is playing at 6pm…so make sure you come out and support them as well:
Carlberg, Ashley                  FLMS   Cherry Park
Champ (Langshaw), Tiara     FLMS    Gilbert Heights
Graham, Taliah                    AOMS
Hadley (Lee), Takayla          FLMS
McMurry, Nautica                AOMS   Gilbert Heights
Proske, Savannah               AOMS   Gilbert Park
Roley, Alex                         AOMS   Gilbert Park
Schoen, Gennah                  FLMS    Menlo Park
Truong, Anna                       FLMS   Gilbert Park
District ID will get you and your family FREE into the games.
Halftime performances by the TAMS (dance team), Cheer team, Pep Band and the Jr. Wheel Blazers led by David Douglas’s own Josiah Schuermyer.


David Douglas will be hosting it’s first Black History Assembly on Friday, February 28th to celebrate Black History Month!









Scots Athlete Spotlight

Scots Varsity Cheerleading Squad “STATE CHAMPIONS!”

Varsity State

DDHS Girls Swim Team
Currently undefeated for 6 years straight in league meets!

Girls Swim

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